About Laurie Bell

Hi, I'm Laurie Bell. I grew up in the south, a region where practically everybody spends time in outdoor rooms—whether we're lounging on covered porches, stretching out on poolside decks, or dining al fresco on the patio, it's where we're most comfortable.

It's a lifestyle that everyone cherishes, and so it's not surprising that the concept of outdoor living areas has now caught on all over the world. While that's great news, it goes without saying that with outdoor living come significant challenges. Sun, dirt, and moisture in all their various forms really do a number on outdoor furnishings, so they tend not to last or look good for very long when left outside. And nobody wants to constantly haul them in and out of storage

As a textile chemist and fabric designer, I knew I could find a better performing outdoor fabric. So I set out to engineer and design a premium line of outdoor furnishings and accessories that are fashion-forward as well as universally more luxurious, longer-lasting, easier to care for, and customizable to an individual's own needs. Laurie Bell is pleased to be offering you just that—high performance outdoor fabrics that match exquisite fashion with superior quality, while ensuring you get exactly what you need!

Please take a few minutes to read about our products and our manufacturing story to see why Laurie Bell is your ideal choice for living the most fashionable and carefree outdoor lifestyle possible, no matter what area you call home. Here's to more time with nature, and to more relaxing times outdoors!

Laurie Bell