Our Return Policy

100% of what we manufacture online is custom made. Laurie Bell does not accept returns for any items that were correctly produced in accordance with customer specifications AND in accordance with our terms, conditions, and policies as listed on our website. We do not inventory cushions, and therefore, cannot resell our custom products. As such, it is impossible for us to accept returns where no material defects have occurred and where we have produced the product for you, the customer, in accordance with your specifications.

Laurie Bell Online:

  • Is not responsible for replacing cushions that are produced in accordance with customer specifications. You, the customer, are responsible for verifying, prior to final agreement and payment (whether online or otherwise), that the dimensions AND specifications provided are accurate.
  • Will not accept responsibility for cushions solely based on the customer's dissatisfaction with:
    • Standard placements of zippers, seams, and/or ties
    • Cushion thickness, provided that the cushions have been made in accordance with the customer's specifications and in accordance with our terms and conditions
    • Comfort, feel, or form. Laurie Bell Online uses high quality foam and materials design to provide the highest quality and comfort to our customer. Our desire is to create a cushion that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable. We do not, however, warrant comfort to our customer, due solely to the subjective nature of this assessment, and the varying degrees to which the actual seat frame may influence the cushion's comfort
  • Will not accept changes to an order that are not resubmitted and/or verified in the required timeframes (please see our Cancellation, Order Change, and Refund Policy for appropriate timeframes to make corrections and/or change orders)
  • Will not accept returns or be held responsible for customer dissatisfaction associated with fabric color. The color of the fabric chosen may differ greatly due to computer screen resolution, room lighting, and any number of factors that cause a (sometimes significant) change in the perceived color of the fabric vs. the actual color. If there are any questions related to color, the customer is free to purchase a swatch for verification through our swatch and sample purchase program. Swatches purchased by customers are:
    • Non-refundable
    • Non-returnable
    • LBO cannot be held responsible for swatches sold to customers that represent a fabric that is discontinued at any time AFTER that swatch has been sent to the customer.
  • Please also note that Laurie Bell Online, if requested to use a template provided by the customer to manufacture cushions of any type, will manufacture ordered goods in accordance with the template provided. HOWEVER, Laurie Bell Online will not be required to retain (after acceptance of goods by customer) or return the template to the customer. Laurie Bell Online, may, at customer's request, and in it's sole discretion, return the template to the customer, but the customer will be responsible for all associated shipping and handling charges.

Laurie Bell Online will:

  • Agree to replace cushions (at no cost to the customer) constructed in the wrong style, provided that the customer can prove that he/she purchased and verified a different style than what was produced
  • Agree to replace cushions (at no cost to the customer) that are manufactured using the wrong dimensions, or that are outside of the following tolerances:
    • Any cushion with a depth in excess of one-half of an inch (1/2") greater than that specified by the customer at the time of order placement
    • Any cushion with a width in excess of one-half of an inch (1/2") more than that specified by the customer at the time of order placement
    • Any cushion with a height (thickness) in excess of 3/8" more than that specified by the customer at the time of order placement
  • Agree to replace cushions (at no cost to the customer)when the incorrect fabric was used by Laurie Bell Online during manufacturing
  • Agree to replace cushions manufactured in any way that is not in accordance with customer specifications, other than any limitations as set-out above or in any of our terms and policies that are listed on our website (and as they may be updated from time to time)
  • Agree to replace any cushions that arrive damaged, PROVIDED THAT the damage has been noted with the delivery provider AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. LBO is not able to file a claim on your behalf if you do not check for damage prior to signing for and accepting your merchandise, and if you do not properly note the damage at the time of delivery.