Manufacturing Story

Laurie Bell brought her expertise as a textile chemist to solve the biggest issues consumers faced with outdoor furnishings. "I wanted to create a high fashion line that exceeded both the look and performance characteristics of what was traditionally available for outdoor use," said Laurie.

Laurie knew that sophisticated colors and designs were essential, but only if the materials would last and were easy to clean. "I know that synthetic fibers offer the most durability," she says, "but they also have to feel natural, soft, and ultimately draw their owner into the seat. This has been missing from outdoor fabrics in the past." Laurie sought out the highest-performance textile formulas, fibers, and dyes, working with the most experienced manufacturers in the US to craft fabrics and products to strict specifications that only years of textile experience could offer.

Our Laurie Bell products reflect relentless attention to detail and quality. The heat-set and hand-twisted polypropylene fibers in Laurie Bell rugs give a softness and plushness equal to high quality indoor carpets. Our Laurie Bell cushions, pillows and umbrellas use Laurie's custom-designed 100% high UV solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for the ultimate in durability and ease of care. Details abound, such as double reinforced seams made of high performance polyester thread for strength, and the latest cushion fill technology and liners to keep moisture out. And to ensure you can leave it outside, Laurie Bell products resist fading and staining, cleaning easily with just soap, water and a brush. Independent testing confirms the high performance of Laurie Bell fabrics and rugs. Our rugs are guaranteed for 2 years, and all other products for one year.

"Manufacturing Laurie Bell products right here in the United States is extremely important to me," adds Laurie. "Dalton, Georgia is the carpet capital of the world so there's no better place for outdoor rug technology, and our factories in North Carolina do an outstanding job manufacturing our cushions. It's wonderful that I could take a concept that started in the American south and make it better right here in my own backyard," says Laurie.