Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find an answer to a particular question below, please contact us.

How do I clean my outdoor rugs?
Caring for your Laurie Bell outdoor rug is simple, fast and inexpensive. All you need is a broom or vacuum, a water hose, and mild soap such as dishwashing liquid. We recommend DAWN.
  • Sweep or vacuum to remove surface dirt.
  • Then, simply hose down the rug and wash with a solution of soap and water. An optional hose-end sprayer device makes the soap application extra easy.
  • Once clean, rinse the rug well with the hose, and don't let it dry in place: hang it or prop it up so that air can circulate around all surfaces until it's dry.
Laurie Bell rugs are extremely stain-resistant; however, to remove stubborn dirt you may spot-clean it using a cloth and a mild solution of 1 cup chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water, or OXI CLEAN Multi-purpose cleaner.
How do I clean my cushions/pillows/ottomans/umbrellas?
Removable umbrella and cushion covers may be machine washed in cold water using normal amounts of detergent. Air dry only; do not iron or machine dry.

For ottomans or umbrellas use a solution of one quarter-cup of a mild laundry detergent such as IVORY or LUX to a gallon of lukewarm water.

  • First brush off dirt and dust.
  • Use a sponge or soft brush to apply the solution, allowing it to soak into fabric. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, then air dry.
  • To spot-clean, spray with a mist of water and mild detergent, then clean vigorously with a sponge, brush or clean towel. Rinse thoroughly in clean water, then air dry. Continue to rinse until all soap residue is gone.
  • To clean stubborn stains and/or mildew, use 1 cup bleach and 1/4 cup of soap (Ivory or Lux) per gallon of clean water (increase for severe stains). Soak affected area for 20 minutes before using sponge or clean towel to remove stain. Rinse well and air dry.
Bleach is okay for my cushions/pillows/rugs?
Our fabrics are constructed with solution dyed acrylic yarns, and our outdoor rugs are manufactured using solution dyed polypropylene. Solution dyed means the color is embedded in the yarn and is resistant to bleach. It is safe to use a solution of 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water to clean your cushions and rugs. The color will stay true!
How do I measure for new cushions?
  • Measure the length and width of your old cushions using a tape measure or yardstick. Pull the fabric taut for precise measurements. We use ½ increments for cushion sizes so round up or down to the next ½ inch.
  • Measure the thickness (top to bottom) of your cushion. Remember that your old cushion may be flattened out from use so be sure to stretch the fabric tight to obtain the correct measurement. You may also add to the thickness for a more comfortable seat.
  • Thickness is measured in 1" increments.
  • Back cushion Hint: If you increase the thickness, remember to subtract the increased amount from the back cushion height measurement.
Your cushion will be made to your measurements. Please see Terms and Conditions for Laurie Bell tolerance allowances.
How do I measure if I don't have cushions?
  • If you don't have a cushion, first measure the width/depth of the chair. Be sure to allow ¼ inch of space per cushion to allow them to fit in the chair.
  • The thickness you select is a matter of proportion and functionality. Take a look at the side of the furniture: the cushion should not "overwhelm" the side view. What is the measurement from the bottom to the armrest? A good rule of thumb is that cushion thickness should be less than 50% of the height measurement. For example, if this distance is 8" we suggest a cushion thickness of 4" or less.

Your cushion will be made to your measurements. Please see Terms and Conditions for Laurie Bell tolerance allowances.

Can you make a cushion cover from a pattern template?
Yes, we can. There is a charge of $25.00 per pattern. Please email for instructions.
What if the size or shape cushion I need isn't shown on
We can help you out with any special order. Please email to discuss your custom cushion.
It rained last night and my cushions and rugs are wet. What is the best way to get them to dry in time for my party this evening?
  • Shake the water out of your cushion; turn it on its side.
  • If you have zippers (all of our cushions do), take the covers off and lay them out in an area that receives lots of sun. Lay the foam/fill out in the sun, too.
  • Sweep the water off of the rug. If possible hang rugs in the sun to help them dry out.
What should I never do?
Our products are engineered from marine grade acrylic fibers to make them highly resistant to the outdoor environment. However, these fibers have a low melting point so it's not advisable to iron or dry your covers in the dryer.
Should I store my cushions when I am not using them?
If you live in the temperate West/South, your cushions can be left out year round. If there is threat of high wind, please insure your furniture is secure and store the cushions during this time. If you reside in more Northern climates, we recommend storing your cushions during the winter. Clean your cushions per our cleaning instructions, and let them dry thoroughly. Your cushions are now ready for their winter "hibernation." When spring arrives, fluff out the cushions/ottomans/pillows, and place them on the furniture for your next season of fun!
Do you recommend flipping the cushions to help them last longer?
Yes, flipping prolongs the life of your cushions. This also keeps the fill/foam from "bottoming out."
With daily use, what is the expected life of the cushions, rugs, pillows?
We offer a limited warranty of 1 year for cushions/ottomans/umbrellas and pillows. We offer a 2 year limited warranty for the Laurie Bell rugs.
How do I know the fabric will coordinate with items I already have?
You may purchase our fabric swatches so that you can see how they coordinate with your furniture. Please feel free to email for your fashion questions.
What if I need to order more products at a later date? Will the fabric match?
Our fabrics are made from solution dyed acrylic and the colors stay consistent. We would suggest that you contact us and we can send you a swatch to verify color. Please email for your request.
Can I have an order shipped express?
Yes, please contact our customer service reps at 336-362-4133 to discuss expedited service. Our cushions/pillows/ottomans and umbrellas are built to your specifications. Please allow a 4-6 week lead-time for your order and 2-3 weeks for Laurie Bell outdoor rug delivery. We use FEDEX Ground for the most efficient shipping.
Can orders be shipped overseas?
Yes, please contact our customer service reps at 336-362-4133 to discuss International shipping.